So glad to meet you!

I’m Jani Franck – an artist, creative social entrepreneur and facilitator living in Southampton, England.  This website is full of resources to help you to connect with your Creative Being, your inspiration and the side of you that makes life sparkle.

I have some passionately held beliefs about the importance of creativity in people’s lives and in the world.  You can read my Manifesto here.

My biography

Just over five years ago I co-founded what is now a thriving and growing arts venue, The Art House Southampton, by teaming up with some amazing people to rescue a failing commercial business and transform it into a community run, not-for-profit centre for creative expansion.

By doing this, I realised a lifelong dream of creating a community of artists, poets, writers, musicians and storytellers all in one place, which makes me pretty darn happy as you can see.

Realising what many thought was an impossible creative dream made me realise that I could help other people to do the same, so this is what I do!

I’ve been teaching art for over 10 years and have participated in The Big Draw, taught portraiture to medical students to make them more well-rounded doctors, enabled people with learning disabilities to get creative, taught circus skills to young carers, run a women’s drumming circle and most of all re-introduced many people to creativity who hadn’t done art since school.

I love doing this, and I would be delighted and honoured to support you on YOUR creative path.

Well here’s the good bit, the reason I’m doing all this instead of, you know, kicking back on a beach somewhere.

My mission in life is fuelled by a strong belief that humans really, really need sort ourselves out.  I mean, really.

Huge & scary issues like Climate Change, social injustice, war, population explosion and the impending zombie apocalypse (haven’t you heard about that one?) need healthy, fully-realised, AUTHENTIC, creatively awesome individuals to deal with them.

We live in a time where, I believe, we have all the resources we need to make an amazing world for everyone to live in, if we all give freely of our gifts.

If we all unleash the artist within us – whatever our jobs or roles are.

My heartfelt feeling is that we can’t just move the deckchairs around the sinking ship, or preach at people, we need to address things deeply, change from within.

So, although my focus is art – because that’s what I truly shine at – it’s not all about getting glitter all over you (although that does come into it!).

I’ve been featured in

The Nature Daily

Leonie Dawson‘s ‘Shining Success Stories’

Recent artwork, teaching, community projects & festival site art:-

– Run participatory art events for The Big Draw in collaboration with Southampton City Art Gallery since 2006 (annual event)
– Site art at The Big Green Gathering, Southern Lights Circus & Arts Festival, Waveform Festival, Ropewalk Community Garden and smaller private events.
– Life drawing classes at The Art House, Southampton City Art Gallery and the University of Southampton (2006 – present)
– Portraiture course for ‘Medical Humanities’ at the University of Southampton.
– Creative workshops in art, music and craft with DICE – a drop-in centre for adults with learning disabilities (2007 – 2011)
– Running ‘The Djembabes’ all-female drumming group (2007 – present).
– Plus lots and lots of land art all over the place *I just can’t stop myself*

I play percussion & sing in The Shimmering Bees (a rootsy, folksy world music band with a tribal pulse) and I lead an all-women drumming group, The Djembabes.

Still reading?  Then I’ll give you some personal stuff, ai!

I’m 40, have a partner called Bik who I also work with and I have two rescued exotic companion animals – one talks, the other moves very slowly 🙂


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