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International Women’s Day – let’s talk support and renumeration! 

Women’s emotional and creative labour is used by everyone in society (sadly most of all other women) as if it was worthless.  
That is to say, it is used with no thanks, no support to replenish the energy used and no renumeration. 
This is even more true for women of colour, women with disabilities, immigrant women and LGBT women. 
This has to change if women are ever to be free. 
Look at your time and energy to see where your emotional and creative energy is being sapped.
You are not a bottomless well for other people to use.
You get to choose.

Only you get to choose.
Also: look to the women who support you and support them back – at least say thanks!
Happy International Women’s Day everyone!


The (scary) act of asking

The Art House

I’ve just come back from filming our latest little film to get a fundraising thing going…. We need patrons, we’ve come to a point where we know, for certain (especially in the light of having, this summer, to support Bik’s Dad through cancer), that without some kind of solid, steady income, we probably aren’t going to weather all the normal crises cafes face.

I’ve come home with a huge vulnerability hangover from having to ask people for money, on camera.

It looks easy when other nonprofits and charities do it. It isn’t easy.

When we’ve asked for help before, usually when there’s been a crisis (like when we we burgled a few years ago and asked folks to fund our new alarm system and ‘Fool da Robbers’) or during the summer months when we always take less in the cafe, it’s always been one-off. It’s great, this…

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